Glass Meal Prep Container, with 3 compartments(2 Pack). Locking, Airtight, Leak Proof, BPA Free Lid. Perfect for Packed Lunch. Portion Control for Diets. Microwave, Oven, Freezer, Dishwasher Safe.

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Hi, This is Esther from NATURONA. When I was younger I was somewhat overweight. Mom decided to put the entire family on a healthy eating regime just so that I wouldn’t feel alone. She made us all packed lunches so we always had the healthy choice.

Every day was a new experience but not all of it was good. At that time all that was available was either a tin or plastic box so there was no way to pack individual foods. It either had to come in a carton or between two slices of bread. Many was the time that the crunchy foods ended up with the wet ones and I was left with a soggy mess.

To this day, I pack my lunch and the lunches of my family. But things have progressed and each of us takes our lunch in a NATURONA MEAL PREP CONTAINER. Each of the compartments is portion sized for a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable. You never have to count calories.

Whatever your diet or your preferred foods, whether you’re taking lunches to keep healthy or to save money or both, this is THE most convenient way of taking your food on the go!

* The strong, durable Borosilicate Glass protects your food.

* It is safe to carry around because it is so strong!

* It is more hygienic than plastic boxes.

* It is healthier than plastic boxes.

* These boxes are stackable.

* Use to store food in the fridge or freezer.

* They are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe! (Don’t put the lid in the microwave or the oven)

* They are the perfect size.

* FDA & LFGB approved and guaranteed BPA-free.

They are so convenient and you get to enjoy your homemade food wherever you are. Never heat up food in a plastic container again! Take them to work, school, trips – you decide!

Because I use these containers for my whole family, I have no problem offering a 30 day Money Back Refund if you wish to return them. I can afford to be generous because I know you’ll love them! BUY NOW – Stocks are limited!
🍱EAT WELL ON THE GO If it’s work, school or travelling – No more expensive, unhealthy mid-day meals. Pack your favorite foods in each of the 3 portion size compartments of the Naturona Bento Box. The foods will not mix together so no soggy dry foods. You know your kids are getting a healthy, balanced meal because you packed it. There are 2 of them so use for 2 people or prepare 2 lunches in advance.
🍱ECO FRIENDLY, ECONOMICAL & HYGIENIC Made of Borosilicate Glass which is super strong, these stackable food prep boxes are infinitely reusable and dishwasher safe so they assist in saving the environment and saving you money! The rounded corners prevent food getting stuck in unreachable places. The glass is non-porous and food will not stick to it so it is far more hygienic than plastic boxes. All Naturona products are FDA & LFGB approved and guaranteed BPA-free.
🍱WE LISTENED TO WHAT YOU SAID One of your biggest complaints when buying Bento Boxes was the fact that the lids did not stay closed or that they were not airtight! We heard you! Our innovative Leak Proof, BPA Free Lid WILL NOT LEAK nor lose its shape. (A word of warning – do not put the LID in the microwave or the oven thus ensuring a long and healthy life for your lid).
🍱THE PERFECT SIZE 8.1 x 6.2 x 2.7″. They weigh just 1.65 lb each and have a capacity of 35.5 oz. This compact food storage container / lunch box is THE ULTIMATE SIZE. It can be carried in almost every bag and as we said, it’s LEAK PROOF so you’ll never find yourself dripping all the way to work or school.
🍱THE HEALTHY CHOICE because that’s what you want for you and your family! We know you will love these containers but just in case you wish to return them for any reason, we give you a 30 day full REFUND GUARANTEE. You have nothing to lose so PLACE IN YOUR CART NOW and start to enjoy the healthy life.